Your project with Appsolute

  • Your project
    Your project

    Whether your project is only at the concept stage, or already precisely specified, we will listen and guide you with the best solution, prepare a quote and suggest an implementation schedule.

  • Our expertise
    Our expertise

    Mobility experts, our core business is designing applications for mobile and tablets. From the design of the UI to the launch of the solution, including the monitoring and strategy, our team of specialists will offer you a customized solution tailored to your budget and your needs.

  • The interview
    The interview

    The kickoff meeting will be an important moment, setting up the bases of the project, and its goals. You will meet the project manager who will be your main contact throughout the whole process of making your solution.

  • Design

    Stand out, while remaining simple and functional, is the motto of our team of UI designers. The wole set of graphical mockups will be validated by you before starting the development.

  • Development

    According to the project, the development step will require one or several developers, entirely commited to your work. Intermediate versions will be delivered frequently, in order to progressively validate the solution.

  • Your confirmation
    Your confirmation

    At the end of the project, we will deliver a beta version of the solution. During the preprod time, you will be able to send us all your comments and requests before the overall deployment of the project.

  • The launch
    The launch

    Deploying the project will depend on your goal and constraints. Releasing on the AppStore and/or Google Play, or editing a private release, we have the solution that suits your the needs of your customers or internal teams.

  • Champagne !
    Champagne !

    We care really much about your satisfaction. Completing the project will be the opportunity for us to thank you for your trust in our team, and to deliver the source codes and documentation of the whole solution developped.

  • And after?
    And after?

    Completing the development does not imply that our work is over. Every project comes with a period of maintenance, to ensure the stability of the solution over the time. We will also stand with you regarding the changes, updates or new features that you would like to implement in your project.